A hard-traveling hero (somehow without having done hardly anything he considers heroic), he is well-known for his predilection for being on the road. He writes, takes photos, draws comics, zines, teaches, and does some other cool stuff from time-to-time.

Hardtravelinghero's comics and zine works depict the life of an adjunct college instructor, navigating highways as well as romantic and sexual relationships, and visualizing conversations with ArmzRace collaborator Mark! Alpert.

He greatly fears both Mark!'s wrath and being stuck in one location for too long. If you catch him talking to himself, he'll tell you he simply has a penchant for intelligent conversation.

In 2008 he completed his Master's Degree in Literature at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, so he may influence the minds of America's youth (and returning adult learners) in those bastions of brainwashing: college classrooms. (We'll see how that works out...). He likes run-on sentences cleverly averted with excessive punctuation (parentheses and the infamous ellipses). The hero also likes to haver on and on in emails and other writings of his.

He appreciates (Re: respects and is turned on by) powerful women and cannot wait for the next female president of the United States so he can have a scandalous affair with her.

The Hardtravelinghero joined the ArmzRace in early 2006 and has regretted it ever since.

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Contact him at hardtravelinghero at gmail.com and tell him something wonderful or commission him to do something awesome for you or collaborate with him.


Hardtraveling Hero's Portfolio

Booty Call

by Hardtravelinghero

Tension quickly follows his first booty call when he gets a call from her two weeks later and she tells him ....?!

Lust! Responsibility! Anxiety! This one has it all!

Contains sometimes sexy graphic content. Yum!

Genre: Autobiography

Price: $2.00 | Buy This Book