Some Rough Work: Self-Portrait and 'junct Banner Idea

This self-portrait made from a picture I took needs to be inked and I've various ideas on how to play with it with different coloring and shading ideas. If it's not too late I might like to use it for my ArmzRace business card.

This tracing of the above self-portrait makes me out to be hairier than I may actually be.

Then the source material.

This second image got cut off and needs to be rescanned ("smart" scanner, you know"). I was considering this being an ongoing banner for the 'junct series but am considering a new banner for each comic. I've got an idea of me on the letter T like Jesus on the cross because I sometimes feel that way teaching.

This is a more refined version of the banner though it still needs work and inking. The image my look familiar because of this and this.

Thoughts people? Help me make this better. Send me ideas.


Cej: See my reply below; here's one I darkened up for you just using the contrast feature in photoshop. So no need to ink.

365 Days of Imperfection: Day 7: 'junct 1: Job Security rough

Here is the rough I created for the first installment of 'junct. It would have been great if I'd given it more time before creating a more finalized version. Kind of like waiting a few days between writing drafts. Same idea. I wonder what I'll think I should have changed when I wake up tomorrow afternoon. What I really needed to work on was my portrayal of Jonica. I can turn myself into a few simplified variations of...myself, but she was a challenge.

On the right hand side you'll see what I attempted to draw of her from a photo from Virginia Beach last May. I think I made her look too much like a guy. Luckily I think she's been girled up properly in the finished version of Job Security. I wonder if I can do it again.

Click to enlarge

junct 1 job security rough

The import things about capturing Jonica was her lips. They are full, gorgeous, and their natural disposition is a little upturned on the corners. The next trick is capturing her cheeks, because they are rather broad. Her eyes are also stunning, but I didn't have to capture them in the headshot rough since she was wearing sunglasses and this comic is B&W.

I was going to draw my head next to hers, like in the photo, but stopped for the time being. It's so easy to get distracted and not finish a project.

Jonica and Paul at Virginia Beach 2009 May

365 Days of Imperfection 2010: Day 9: 'junct 1: Job Security

This is the first part of the 'junct series. I came up with the name about a year ago and Andi and Mark! loved it. I'm sure they'll be contributing ideas, comics, and cartoons. I also welcome ideas from my many colleagues being treated poorly in the world of higher education. If you couldn't tell, the title of this series (and one day anthology comic) is supposed to sound like "junked", because that's often how one feels as an adjunct instructor.

Need I say more?

Click to enrage

junct 1 job security

I've been inking photocopies, so I can make changes if anyone has any constructive suggestions.

I'm not near the point where I like or feel comfortable with digital lettering, etc. I'd like to learn how eventually. My hand really hurts right now.

I'm happy with the way I've captured Jonica where I think she's somewhat identifiable to people who have met her. I've been having a lot of trouble with capturing the essential details to have a simplified cartoon version of her, yet make it clear it's her and not some random chick.

I'm gonna backpost here for a few days. I know I've missed days 4-8. FML, right?