Cyanide & Happiness: Punching Zoo - Kris, Rob, Matt & Dave

Apparently, it takes four people to write this comic featuring stick figures (and I'm pretty sure they are computer generated, at that), but who cares? The point is that the humor is quite strong and pretty twisted, and having these one step above stick figures cracking these jokes and comments just makes it more so. It doesn't appear that all four work on each strip, rather they write independently, which must make meeting deadlines pretty simple. There is no story here; it is just a collection of comics, but there is a choose your own adventure (do kids even know what that isn't anymore?) at the end, which was pretty good. Definitely my type of comic strip. punching zoo

Pithy Seedy Pulpy Juicy - Hilary B. Price

Perhaps this would be better recognizable if titled Rhymes With Orange as that is the title of the strips that make up this gag collection. In fact, it is a collection of 11 Rhymes With Orange books. The comic is a fairly typical gag strip with cute, if not detailed, art and often clever and even funny jokes. Still, it is a lot of the same style of comics in one collection and I could only deal so much with the self annotations Price adds (sometimes interestingly when discussing artistic inspiration, sometimes pointlessly when discussing how that specific joke was inspired) to just about every strip. Much better to just read a couple of these a week. rhymes with orange

Dawn of the Bunny Suicides - Andrew Riley

I was introduced to this series some years ago and then, like now, I find the simple cartoons about bunnies that kill themselves in various ways cute (yes, that does sound strange), especially the ones that involve pop culture references. However, I never find them funny enough to actually do more than smirk. 

Gags: Bound

Because you demanded it! Or because you demanded it not, I really can't remember, but either way: Mark! has a new comic! Gags:Bound brings together dozens of Mark!s funniest one panel comics. With this collection in hand, there's no need to leave the house as this book provides all the entertainment you can possibly stand. And it's a steal for two bucks! Get your copy today!

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Fun with Graphs

The Drawing Board This idea is blatantly stolen from Cej (see, Cej, you mom is right; you shouldn't talk to me). Since the midterm elections are coming up, I wanted to do something social/political, which I haven't really done since the ABCs of the USA. Obviously, I can't draw, but I've always said that the art is secondary in comics (and start flaming...NOW!), so I've made a cartoon in the XKCD style. (I suppose now there are two people looking to sue me.) The comic itself is deliberately sloppy. The comic isn't in the art, so any attempt to make it "neat" seemed out of place.