Dalton Stark's Dinoacolypse Comics Review

  Cover to Dalton Stark's Dinoacalypse comicWhat can I say other than that I laughed my ass off. This is the story of Maxwell, a boy with a crush, and his friend Jeremy, the last dinosaur. Hilarity ensues as Jeremy seeks a metal enough gift that can represent his love for his fiery-haired ladyfriend in a tale that crosses aspects of Henson’s The Labyrinth with an episode of…well, it would ruin the surprise, so just buy the damn book and read it.

Who: Dalton Stark (and it’s not because he’s a former student that I pimp his work, but because it’s good shit).

Online presence: Facebook, Instagram: dolphinsharky, Ink361

Where: Zine Fest Houston 2013 or contact the creator, who is tabling at Zine Fest Houston 2014 also, though he said he’s not bringing old work! Why, damn it?! Let’s make sure he gets himself to Staple 2015 too! Because…Austin.

Cost: Priceless…but contact the creator for a better deal

How: Self-published with the support of Grandma

interior art in Dinoacolypse