Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero

I saw this movie years ago, but didn't really remember it, and certainly didn't post about it. It is from the old Batman animated series, so the art style is awesome and distinct although everything looks like it's from the 50s which may turn some people off. Mass murderer and brilliant scientist, Mr. Freeze, needs to revive his ailing wife, and if that means he has to kill innocence to do so, so what? It's up to Batman and Robin to stop him. This is an enjoyable enough Batman adventure, but I do get the feeling you're supposed to forget, at least at times, that Mr. Freeze is a mass murder.

Superman: Doomsday

Having no real stories to tell, DC comics decided to kill Superman (spoilers, he comes back (something I really think may screw up kids who grew up reading comics)). This animated version of the story, which I never read, has a lot of punching, but not a whole lot of anything else. If the story is about anything, it really is about Lois Lane and her relationship with Superman (and not at all with her relationship with Clark Kent) and, to a lesser degree, with Lex Luther's obsession with Superman. With those aspects, we're actually getting towards an interesting story, but it is incomplete. Overall it's not horrible, but it's nothing... super.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters

We all know the Justice League and its main member, Superman, and how he is the son of general Zod, was sent to earth, narrowly missing capture by Lex Luther, and raised by migrant farm workers. Okay, maybe you don't know this version, which has a much darker, bloodier group of superheroes, and now someone's trying to frame them for the murders of scientists (shockingly, murders they did not commit, this time). This was an enjoyable, animated film, but I think you'll enjoy it the most when you have a least some general idea how the DC universe is being turned upside down, otherwise it is just a bunch of meaningless names with much less impact. Definitely worth it if you're a DC comics fan, but otherwise probably not. See if you catch the references to drug use and sex.

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

Based on the death toll and the cursing, I suspect this movie isn't for kids. I don't care what you say, I like Aquaman! Super strong, invulnerability, can breathe underwater, is a king, and can talk to fish; what's not to like? This animated film focuses on introducing Aquaman, while exposing viewers to the Justice League (whom they presumably already know). The plot involves a conspiracy to pit the underwater kingdom of Atlantis against the surface world. Pretty good, and the art is nice although I'm jealous that everyone has amazing deltoid muscles .

Black Panther

I suppose this is based on the comic miniseries that came out a few years ago, which I didn't read, and therefore I'm not sure. In any event, this cartoon version is often rather slow moving, and horribly animated (even if they did try to make the art look like Frank Miller did it). However, it is very funny and actually quite intriguing! Besides introducing us the character of the Black Panther, the leader of an isolationist, technologically advanced, African nation, as well as support characters and villains, it has a very interesting plot wherein a group of villains (and what a hodgepodge group it is!), backed by the United States, attempt a coup. Probably would've been better to just read the comic, since the animation is such crap, but how can you beat having Stan Lee as a racist US General?

Batman: Assault on Arkham

This is an extremely strong movie, not so much about the Batman, but about a group known as the Suicide Squad. This group of convicts are sent by a secret government agency to find and destroy proof about the secret government agency sending convicts out on suicide missions. Where is that information? Deep in the insane asylum of Arkham. The movie is rather edgy with its bloody death toll, sexual situations, and “harsh” language, making me a big fan. Still the movie doesn't quite fit in with the Batman universe based on events that take place and actions I feel the Batman would or would not have done. Still, I highly recommend it as a well animated action story that will thrill fans of the Joker, the Riddler, Harley Quinn, and especially, Deadshot.   


I was really looking forward to finally watching this Pixar (renown for great animation and stories) film about a delightfully wild girl who defies her mother's wishes that she follow tradition and marry one of a group of (less than desirable) suitors, as she wishes to make her own choices in life. I guess I was hoping it was more centered on the Princess Merida rather than her relationship with her mom. The short, La Luna, that was on the DVD was pretty great. 

Despicable Me 2

The super-villain turned father figure, Gru, is back and has been recruited by an anti-super-villain league to recover a stolen mutation potion and is teamed with a rather eccentric female super-spy. Finally, I saw a good movie on an airplane. It isn't as good as the original, and the plot is straight forward, but, hey, it's a lot of fun and cute so no worries. See a trailer here.


I don't know if it's a good or bad thing that the best movies I see are animated Disney/Pixar films. Up is about an elderly man, Carl, who decides to finally follow his life-long dream and go exploring in South America. The trick is that he fills his house with balloons in order to fly there (oh, and a young, goofy boyscout inadvertently becomes a stowaway). Delightfully sweet, funny, and terrifically animated, Disney/Pixar puts live action Hollywood to shame again.

Batman: Gotham Knight

These six animated shorts featuring the Batman and some lesser known enemies wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t great either. The stories were generally well crafted (nice to see Deadshot in all his sociopath glory), but I think the art was a little too bizarre for my taste. Thank you Cory for this B-day present.