Class Time 11/13/13

Way late in posting these drawings from my November(!) class. The last class was a bit weak for me.

Practice with QT KaBoom @ Dr. Sketchy's

I wasn't feeling terribly there this day and after some initial distraction of having a beautiful woman naked before me (and a room full of mostly male artists) I was able to eventually capture some shapes and lines, but am displeased by most of it. I didn't know where to begin a bunch of the time. I think the one thing I may have done well was capture the model's expression a few times. She had a serenity I liked and seemed to focus on. Otherwise proportions are a mess. Perspective is a mess. I've just got to keep trying is all and some day it may just all work out. Cej, when is the next one?

Practice 2/21

This week's class was at The Harp, which is an Irish bar with wood and some neon. Whitney (the instructor) was nice enough to pose for us. These first few are 1 minute drawings in charcoal. I'm not sure you can even tell what's in the picture.

These next two are twenty minute drawings done in a mix of pencil and charcoal.

Finally, just some random people and things around the bar.

Practice 2/14

Here's the sketches from my 2/14 Drawing in Pubs class. These were done at Art Nouveax, a nice little place with old school hurricane glass lamps and light fixtures everywhere. This first one is a chair. The difficulty is getting the subtle transitions between shades that are so very close to one another. This is done in pencil.

For the next one, I deliberately choose a still life that was rich in detail. This is a side table underneath a lamp (the tree trunk-looking thing) with a bottle and chord and some leaves from another tree. This is also done in pencil. The challenge here was details with bright highlights and deep shadows.

Practice 2/7

My Drawing in Pubs class for 2/7 took place at the Black Lab (short for "Labrador"), which is another British style pub---although not as dark as I remembered it being. I worked on perspective here. This image is a pencil drawing from sitting at the bar and looking into the room on the other side.

Practice 1/31

My 1/31 class of Drawing in Pubs took place at Rudyards an old favorite of mine. Lots of wood and darts! This time we focused on perspective, one and two-point. I enjoy drawing perspective, but I never seem to get a good position for my vanishing points.

This first image is of a corner behind a booth corner with part of a staircase in between. It's a real mess.

For the second drawing I went "simpler." This is the edge of the table, part of the booth, and the bin behind it. I think it looks okay---you just can't tell what it is!