In Time

No. This Sci-Fi movie about  how people stop aging and are using time as an economic factor is horrible and it is even more horrible that some people actually enjoyed it. Burn all copies and shoot those involved.


Contraband probably should be just that as it isn't a very good film about a former crook who, due to family obligations, has to make one last score. Guess how it all turns out?

Superman: Doomsday

Having no real stories to tell, DC comics decided to kill Superman (spoilers, he comes back (something I really think may screw up kids who grew up reading comics)). This animated version of the story, which I never read, has a lot of punching, but not a whole lot of anything else. If the story is about anything, it really is about Lois Lane and her relationship with Superman (and not at all with her relationship with Clark Kent) and, to a lesser degree, with Lex Luther's obsession with Superman. With those aspects, we're actually getting towards an interesting story, but it is incomplete. Overall it's not horrible, but it's nothing... super.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters

We all know the Justice League and its main member, Superman, and how he is the son of general Zod, was sent to earth, narrowly missing capture by Lex Luther, and raised by migrant farm workers. Okay, maybe you don't know this version, which has a much darker, bloodier group of superheroes, and now someone's trying to frame them for the murders of scientists (shockingly, murders they did not commit, this time). This was an enjoyable, animated film, but I think you'll enjoy it the most when you have a least some general idea how the DC universe is being turned upside down, otherwise it is just a bunch of meaningless names with much less impact. Definitely worth it if you're a DC comics fan, but otherwise probably not. See if you catch the references to drug use and sex.

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

Based on the death toll and the cursing, I suspect this movie isn't for kids. I don't care what you say, I like Aquaman! Super strong, invulnerability, can breathe underwater, is a king, and can talk to fish; what's not to like? This animated film focuses on introducing Aquaman, while exposing viewers to the Justice League (whom they presumably already know). The plot involves a conspiracy to pit the underwater kingdom of Atlantis against the surface world. Pretty good, and the art is nice although I'm jealous that everyone has amazing deltoid muscles .

Black Panther

I suppose this is based on the comic miniseries that came out a few years ago, which I didn't read, and therefore I'm not sure. In any event, this cartoon version is often rather slow moving, and horribly animated (even if they did try to make the art look like Frank Miller did it). However, it is very funny and actually quite intriguing! Besides introducing us the character of the Black Panther, the leader of an isolationist, technologically advanced, African nation, as well as support characters and villains, it has a very interesting plot wherein a group of villains (and what a hodgepodge group it is!), backed by the United States, attempt a coup. Probably would've been better to just read the comic, since the animation is such crap, but how can you beat having Stan Lee as a racist US General?

DC Showcase: Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the young boy who could turn into a superhero with a magic word, and for his evil counterpart, Black Adam, the one time god Emperor. But this short film that has the man of steel, AKA Superman, and Shazam isn't what won me over with this little collection. Instead, it was a short on the spirit of vengeance, otherwise known as The Specter, as it was wonderfully done with the look and sound of a 70s crime drama. There is also a short on The Green Arrow, which was a fun action romp, and Jonah Hex, a nicely done, sexualized, dark western. A great collection with the irony that the title feature was the weakest.


This is a horrible series which is just a narrated series of pictures about the super-powered being called inhumans and the struggles their king has to deal with such as his insane brother, a human attack, and some other nonsense. Apparently, it was an award-winning comic (which I think I read and disliked). Really pointless, the upcoming movie can't be worse.

JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time

An often very funny, if not overly interesting movie, about the Justice League, or to be more precise, about two would be heroes: Dawn Star and Karate Kid, who must travel back in time from the 31st century to undo the mess they made of our time. The art is a little off-putting and I think the plot of the movie is simply to introduce young viewers to various DC characters, but the only actual characters in the film are Dawn Star and Karate Kid which really makes this a Legion of Super Heroes movie and not a Justice League of America one.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Purest be damned, I had fun with this movie about the genius detective as he attempts to out think a criminal mastermind who hopes to plunge the world into war. There is lots I could complain about, but why bother? It had action and adventure and very funny scenes with Holmes' older, smarter, and fatter brother, Mycroft. Not a bad way to end the series (of two).

Muppets Most Wanted

It was good to see the Muppets again; even if it was not one of the best, it's still better than most crap I watch. The Muppets are back together and are on a world tour, only they're being duped by an evil frog who has replaced Kermit who in turn is stuck in a Siberian prison. Some nice song and dance numbers, but I think most of the cameos could've been better done (Christopher Lee as a priest was a nice touch), and I'm pretty sure some of them were cut as the finale had people I didn't recall from the film. In any event, I was glad to see it and glad to hear the show is coming back.

Mad Max: Fury Road

I'm so glad to see that even after the Apocalypse (which appears to be something that could've been averted if we had moved away from fossil fuels) supermodels still exist. No, I'm not talking about Theron, but the one of each hair color that you'll learn about some 10 minutes into the film. And don't worry, there's someone for everyone: blonde, brunette, fake redhead, super blonde, and even a black woman who's whiter than I am with a tan. Former cop and now reluctant hero, Max, has to team up with no hair supermodel to escape bad guys. Everyone told me how great this film was. Yes, lots of action, explosions, car chases, interesting visuals, and characters that don't have a single personality trait passed the one action or line that identifies them. I feel this movie was a joke and I'm very glad I didn't pay anything to see it. Mad Max

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

This movie is terrible. If only there were as many jokes as there were product placements, it might have stood a chance, and since it is filled with comedians it really should have been. Ricky Bobby is a race car driver that has it all, loses it all, and--surprise (and spoiler)--gets it all back. There, now you don't have to see it.

A Million Ways to Die in the West

This movie is terrible. Yes, there are some funny parts and lines as this 80s movie meets Western pokes fun of the false noble image we have of the frontier, otherwise this boy gets girl comedy is really a waste.

The Whisperer in Darkness

Oddly, the HP Lovecraft Historical Society decided to take a classic tail of his and turn it into an action adventure thriller. But purists be damned, I really like this! For all its flaws (and there're plenty) it still is perhaps one of the best movies I've seen in a long time, and I would recommend it to Lovecraft fans and really just about anyone. I don't want to give too much away so let me just state that it is about a scholarly skeptic who goes in search of discovering the truth behind legends of mysterious flying monsters hidden in the hills of Vermont. The special features are also worth watching for some interesting insights and they aren't too long which is good, just don't watch them before the movie itself. 

American Sniper

I suppose this movie about America's most celebrated sniper (in that he has the most confirmed kills) is based on the book of the same name and is just as accurate or inaccurate as that. Still, I found it rather interesting being action-packed (plenty people are getting shot in the head) and yet does not glorify warfare (most of the film has our main character suffering from post-traumatic stress). I felt it struck a good balance between the difficulties of trying to be loyal to your country and fellow soldiers and being present for your family. Then again if we did not invade Iraq needlessly the story would not have had to happen.

Germany From Above

My cousin Ina sent this to my mom to remind her of her original country. This movie shows images, and explanations, of and about Germany broken down month by month to show various changes in landscape, activities, and weather. The key is that all the images are taken from above giving some magnificent aerial views. Enjoyable and beautiful, but some people might find it too much of a tourism film. Thanks again, Ina! German from Above

A New Leaf

This is an older movie, so many of the jokes may seem a little slow and without exploding alien robots, but it could easily be remade into a great modern movie. Not that I want that! The title has double meaning as it is about a confirmed bachelor who discovers he is broke and comes up with a plan to maintain his lifestyle by marrying the world's most socially incompetent, but incredibly rich, woman, who happens to be a botanist. Really enjoyable, but as I mentioned, it may be too slow moving for your average viewer. new leaf