FBP (Federal Bureau of Physics) (vol 1-2): The Paradigm Shift & Wish You Were Here - Simon Oliver

This world is a lot like ours, except the laws of physics are more like unenforceable suggestions. The FBP is the government agency designed to investigate and attempt to rectify problems such as quantum tornadoes, random wormholes, time shifts, and the occasional loss of gravity. Agent Adam Hardy is a real ladies man (although I'm uncertain why or how) and is looking for his long lost father; unfortunately for him, so is a criminal multinational corporation. There's more to this story, of course, it took the entire first trade just to set up the world and the main character and introduce the sassy, sexy, sociopathic, female sidekick, but I'm unfortunately not really into it. Maybe in part because of the art by Robbi Rodriguez, whose work is just too elongated and faces too indistinct for me, or maybe, as I said, the fact that it took forever to set up our main story line. FBP