Stumptown: The Case of the Girl Who Took her Shampoo (But Left her Mini) - Greg Rucka

I liked this comic better when it was an episode of The Killing or done by Ed Brubaker;  okay, that's not fair, but it does seem very much like a desperate attempt to create a TV pilot done in the style of Brubaker. I'm sure a ton of people will love this comic, but I am not one of them and here's why: this story is about a woman named Dex, who by her own account is a complete and utter loser; she drinks too much, gambles foolishly, can't get into a relationship (doesn't even know her sexual orientation (but that's really just Rucka trying to be sexy)), flirts shamelessly with anyone she wants something from, and does not seem to be particularly good at her job, which is being a private investigator. We are supposed to like her though because of two things: she takes cares of her mentally disabled little brother (although not particularly well as throughout the story there's ample opportunity for the bad guys to use him as a bargaining chip (why they don't is simply beyond me)), and because she is sassy (although I don't think it's sassy so much as absolute stupidity when you mouth off to people who just attempted to murder you and obviously would have no problem trying again or at the very least raping and/or maiming you). The plot itself is that Dex (who lives in the world of The Killing) has to find a missing girl--the subtitle gives some basic information on that, but makes it seem like a joke, which is another problem I have with the comic as it wants to be dark and serious but obviously thinks everything is a joke. You want to write a crime comic? Fine, and I'm happy for it, but have it make sense. stumptown