Mad Max: Fury Road

I'm so glad to see that even after the Apocalypse (which appears to be something that could've been averted if we had moved away from fossil fuels) supermodels still exist. No, I'm not talking about Theron, but the one of each hair color that you'll learn about some 10 minutes into the film. And don't worry, there's someone for everyone: blonde, brunette, fake redhead, super blonde, and even a black woman who's whiter than I am with a tan. Former cop and now reluctant hero, Max, has to team up with no hair supermodel to escape bad guys. Everyone told me how great this film was. Yes, lots of action, explosions, car chases, interesting visuals, and characters that don't have a single personality trait passed the one action or line that identifies them. I feel this movie was a joke and I'm very glad I didn't pay anything to see it. Mad Max