Daredevil: Born Again - Frank Miller

While Miller had been steadily making a name for himself and producing some of the best comics for the blind vigilante, it is Born Again that truly shaped DD's world. And though Miller's art is lots of fun, David Mazzucchelli's art is magnificent as his ability to render images both complexly and simply, capture emotions and produce iconic imagery. It is a perfect storm of comic. This doesn't suggest it is flawless. The story revolves around the Kingpin of crime and his plan to utterly destroy DD (and any who stand in his way) when he learns of the crime fighter's secret identity. Miller does a great job showing how a man with great influence can produce great evil. The problem is largely two fold in that the inciting incident is that an old girlfriend of DD is now a junky whore (and, together with his bad ass ninja Elektra, may be the start of Miller's eventual depiction of just about all his female characters as bad ass whores) and the destruction of DD's life is done in an issue or two, when I think it would be much stronger to have it slowly building in the background of other plots so we can better see the Kingpin's actions slowly destroying a great man (then again, it's comics and who knows how much of an attention span people have). It also does leave a major complication in the Marvel world as DD's identity is out there. I'm not sure what ever happened with that.