Hellboy (vol 12): The Storm And The Fury - Mike Mignola

And so the Hellboy legend concludes; questions are answered and secrets reveled, but to what end for us weak humans? It's bittersweet to have the story end, although I'm sure there are plenty of other Hellboy tales by the time this is posted. Here, the destined destroy of humanity/hero confronts his greatest enemy and all existence hangs in the balance. It is hard to every be satisfied with an ending to something you rather see continue; however, I think my grievances are legitimate. The fact that Mignola had Duncan Fegredo do all but the epilogue of art seemed lame as I would have hoped the man who started it all would want to conclude it. I still don't see the point of Alice and even less of another character that is introduced here for no reason (you'll know it when it happens). Additionally, we have known for several volumes now that, for the most part, Hellboy can't die, so a lot of the lead up has lacked that element of excitement. It wasn't a bad tale and it is kind of nice to have a mythos wrapped up, yet I still am not fully satisfied and am more sorry to see it come to an end.   

PS And of course since this was originally written and scheduled to appear here, I have realized that the adventure does, indeed, continue, just in hell.