The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil - Stephen Collins

In so many respects this is really a great work. Simple pencil drawings flesh out the world of Here wherein everything is orderly and tidy as opposed to the chaotic world of There out there. Horribly, the chaos of There comes to Here when Dave inexplicably, uncontrollably, and unstoppably starts to grow a beard, which threatens to destroy, physically and metaphorically, the orderly world of Here. As I stated, there's so much to like in this work from the art, to the simple storytelling, to the fun metaphor, to the exceptionally clever layouts; however, I feel that in the end it tries to do too much. Much of the beginning could've been shortened or left out entirely with better results, or even recycled for a completely different work. Perhaps this is a sign of sloppy editing and/or some false starts. Still, don't get discouraged early, but make sure to complete reading it and you will be better for it. BeardNote: The cover is B/W, I don't know what happened with the picture.