Wytches (vol 1) - Scott Snyder

So there's this girl, and she might be crazy, or she might be a killer, or she might be haunted by witches, and her dad is a children's book writer or something completely unimportant to the plot, and the mom's in a wheelchair (which kind of is important), and there's all these mysterious happenings as first the point of view is from the girl and then it shifts to the father, and often it is just as confusing and convoluted as this sentence. The story actually has a lot of potential, but as I said with Snyder's work before, he needs a very strong editor to keep him in check and in focus; as soon as the point of view shifted from the teenage daughter I really lost interest. Apparently and inexplicably this is an ongoing series, and while it is probably one the best things Snyder has done it's too all over the place for me to invest time in. wytches