Cthulhu Wars - Sandy Petersen

Other people may know him from some video game he helped make; I've always known him as the man who made the RPG The Call of Cthulhu based on the work of HP Lovecraft, the definitive horror role-playing game. Sadly, now I also know him as a man who took some two years passed the promised date to have his kick starter get me my darn game. The game itself is a boardgame of the aftermath after "The stars are right" and ancient evils have taken over the planet, and now they want sole dominion. I really like it, and feel it has a lot of nice elements and different strategic possibilities; plus the figures are pretty cool--even if a couple of them came broken in the box, and I can't seem to get them all back in the box again. The game is more for people who like Lovecraft, as, for all its benefits, there are other strategic games that might be better if all you want is a conquer the world type of game, but for me it's just fine (even if it got to me rather late (but my name is on the box!)). Cthulhu Wars