The Doom that Came to Atlantic City: A Light-Hearted Game of Urban Destruction Set in the Universe of H. P. Lovecraft - Moyer & Baker

I got this game on sale at Barnes & Noble (thank heavens for bookstores). Apparently, it had a very sordid history: it was a kick starter and a person ran off with the money but it got made anyway only to not find an audience. Here's the thing, the game is really anti-Monopoly, but the theme is horror author Lovecraft's "The Doom That Came to Sarnath". People who would like a fun, lighthearted, silly game that deals with destroying things named after Atlantic City places will enjoy this game, but they won't understand the various Lovecraft references (and may be freaked out by the truly awesome miniature playing pieces). Those that love Lovecraft will adore the pieces and the theme, but may get turned off by the lack of actual horror elements. I find the game fun, but there are too many hard-core gamers that won't, and the people who would like it would never think to pick it up. It's all about the marketing. Doom that came to Atlantic city