Space: 1999: Aftershock and Awe - Gaska and Morrow

I vaguely remember the existence of this 70s television show, and perhaps even the flash of a memory or two, but nothing solid. It obviously was never as popular as Star Trek & Wars or Battlestar. Still, I wanted to like this comic and thought it might be good to have some sci-fi in the medium. Unfortunately, I don't see how this will do it. It is based, naturally enough, on the pilot, with some extra stories from the point of view of the Earth left behind after a tragic explosion on the moon throws it into deep space stranding several hundred refugees with no hope of return (and devastating the entire planet Earth, although I don't know if that was touched on in the show). The problem here is that the authors don't seem to understand the comic book format. Let's ignore that the art is rather weak with dull coloring; nothing to capture the imagination. The comic is incredibly wordy; each panel is filled with exposition, in a vain attempt to introduce a dozen or so characters. As I said, I wanted this comic to succeed, but I can't understand how anyone expected this version to do so. [This image is actually sideways but I think it works better for this post.]Space 1999