Boxers & Saints - Gene Luen Yang

Yang is probably best known for the wonderful American Born Chinese and, if you read this site, his awesome presentation to the American Library Association. This isn't as strong, as I believe he's having some difficulty finding a balance between telling a serious story and his very cartoony artistic style. Still, this was a fascinating adaptation of the Boxer Rebellion that took place in China in the late 1800s against the pseudo colonization of China by foreign powers. While I know of the basics of the rebellion, I don't know the specific details of the people involved, so I can't say if this accurately reflected their mythology (he does have a bibliography at the end but what does that mean?). Either way it's rather poignant as you watch a young boy go from a carefree youth to disillusionment to empowerment to the slow degradation of all his values; truly intense stuff. There's also the companion piece entitled Saints which is designed to show the point of view not of the foreign powers per se, but those Chinese that associated with them. Again, not as strong as Boxers but I'm glad he made the attempt. Even together they are a fast read and I recommend them. boxers