Blue is the Warmest Color - Julie Maroh

So much for open-minded French society. The store is about Clementine, a young French girl who finds herself attracted to a woman, and the struggles she, and they, go through. This comic is beautifully drawn; I love how Maroh uses one of the only colors, blue, to accentuate certain points (did she have to make the two main characters so perfect looking? It seems unnecessary), and it is told quite poignantly and lovingly. I will point out a few unfortunate things, such as if the story was about a man and a woman it would not be a romance but a tale of statutory rape (consider that when you're judging the close minded people in this story); I always take issue with coming of age/sexually awakening stories wherein the main character has a friend they can turn to for advice and help, when so many people deal with such difficulties alone, so that it seems the authors are missing a valuable opportunity to tap in to that fear and demographic; and when you get towards the end of the story, certain key points are incredibly rushed over making you feel like you've been left out or that the story has been cut short undermining some of the impact. Still, very good. blue