Seconds - Bryan Lee O'Malley

Katie's life is going well: she's a popular chef, about to open a restaurant of her own, and has a number of friends. Actually, it's not going that well: she's in a pseudo-relationship that she probably shouldn't be in, her ex is making things uncomfortable, the new restaurant is not going as smoothly as hoped, she is going to turn 30, and she is talking to herself (or rather to the narrated captions (I'm not sure which is worse)). Luckily, there happens to be a house spirit or some such creature that will allow her to redo mistakes she made. Naturally, there are unforeseen consequences. I do love the art and layouts of this comic (although now that O'Malley has an assistant, who knows how much is really done by him), and I was going to originally point out some minor changes that I think should have been made to this work, but on second thought, it is fine just the way it is. seconds