Batgirl (vol 1): Batgirl of Burnside - Cameron Stewart & Brenden Fletcher

I wanted to like this comic, I really did, and there are some good points. It is a cute comic about the genius vigilante, daughter of the police commissioner, who's moved to a hipster neighborhood, and has to deal with some "Real" problems (such as boys, school, and old friends). I really liked how Barbara Gordon uses her photographic memory to review a crime scene (although some of those images could've been actually given to us, so that readers can try to solve the crime as well). I will be brief in my problems of the collection because I can nitpick for probably pages. Far too much of the story is devoted to desperately attempting to appeal to tweens through thinly veiled references to popular Internet sites and applications (so this comic will be dated all the sooner), there are events that occur that are only really explained retroactively (maybe an editor finally caught the problems (for example, if you need crutches you probably will use them going up and down stairs, if you are a computer genius you probably have your most important files backed up and/or heavily encrypted, etc.)), the main villain turns out to be an incredibly clichéd trope, some of the character interactions are absurd, there appears to be some unflattering commentary about transvestites (although I may be reading too much into that), for a comic that is supposed to be a jumping on point it is incredibly reliant on the old DC universe, and... Well I said I try to keep it short--but I have to make one last point that I was pissed that the writers abandoned Barbara's working on a PhD in library science, as the focus of her new thesis is actual very similar to work being done right now in PhD library science programs! I guess my biggest problem is that I felt it had the potential to be a good comic, and just fell short by relying on cheap gimmicks. batgirl