Hinterkind (vol 1-2): The Waking World & Written in Blood - Ian Edginton

I thought I might enjoy this obvious rip off of Fables, but it is just too flawed. The idea is a random plague destroyed most of humanity, put forests on top of buildings (and sometimes zebras on top of them, along with kangaroos in the Midwest etc.), and this allowed fairytale creatures to come out of hiding (which they were doing in astronomically large numbers). Some humans did survive and even have radio networks to each other some 20 years after the event, yet these humans for no reason have no idea about the fairy folk, or the fact that they are going to get roped up into the middle of both a civil war and a foreign invasion (yes, Europeans looking for conquest always decide to go over to America first, and not to, say Africa, Asia, or the near east). The fact that so many of these things are happening at this exact moment is part of the problem, coupled with the fact that events happen too quickly to have meaning (a major adversary is both introduced and (maybe) eliminated in the first volume), and most of the characters are boring archetypes (the reluctant hero, etc.). I can live without this. hinterkind