Grayson (vol 1): Agents of Spyral - Tim Seeley

I guess, having run out of ideas of what to do with Robin/Nightwing, DC decide to turn him into a secret agent. Yes, it's a stupid idea, and this first volume brings up more questions than answers, such as: What the heck is Spyral? Is it a religious organization, based on outfits at least two agents wear? Who is this clown that's running it? (why is he sitting in Marvel comic's Mojo's chair?) Why is he a clown (not literally)? Is that Huntress? What exactly is this organization trying to do? Why are Wild Storm characters in this book? And why are they pointless? I'm pretty sure these questions should have been answered within this volume. The only real character is the boy wonder, former vigilante, former circus performer, which I guess is fine for now. While I honestly do not care for this, the final issue in the collection has enough going for it to make me consider looking for the next volume: the story is told backwards from the future (which is always a mistake because it implies certain consistencies, such as at the very least that the character does not die prior to the story), but it was cleverly done (although they should've used the Cluemaster concept more) and well-written enough to convinced me that Seeley does have skill and I should not write him off too quickly. grayson