Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes: Dominator War - Mark Waid

Our team of intergalactic superheroes in the 31st century (why are there no Green Lanterns?) that usually have a name with boy, girl, lad, or lass attached to them and tend to have only one power are in the middle of a fight amongst themselves before they're interrupted by the fact that a thousand year plot to destroy the earth is about to take place. The story actually has some value, Cosmic Boy (don't ask what he can do, it doesn't matter, and there are dozens of characters none of which have much of a reason to care about) comes up with some interesting strategies (why not Brainiac, you know, the super genius guy?), but the end result is that you have a rushed job, featuring far too many ill-defined or unknown characters, trying to do something that's so important, and yet we really just don't care. Listen, you want to make the Legion an actually good comic? Bring in a Green Lantern, give us some zany aliens, have some interesting powers (and more than one), cut the cast by half at least, give them better names, make this a science fiction comic (it's the 31st century!), and do something to make the storylines relatable to contemporary problems or interest. legion