Dune Messiah - Frank Herbert

I know he said just a couple days ago that I wasn't going to read this sequel the science fiction classic Dune, but I need something to read on the train and I wound up reading it in a weekend. I did liked it better than the first book, this one focusing on Paul, a one-time fugitive aristocrat, who now has turned his fanatical Arab--sorry, free men--sorry, Fremen desert people into a brutal intergalactic Empire, where he is God-Emperor and the death toll is in the tens of billions and rising. The story focuses on intrigues to overthrow him and his coming to terms with what he has created. It is a fast read, and has much that is interesting, but I still find my self asking "why did we just skip over/ drop this major character/event?" and am uncertain why this is often considered the greatest science-fiction series ever. dune