Mystique: Ultimate Collection - Sean McKeever

I'm pretty sure this collection is the end of the series, which is a little disappointing as I felt it had potential. Yes, it seems that just about every hero or villain at some point winds up working as a secret agent, and the shape changing mutant Mystique is roped into being a pawn for the telepathic mutant Prof. X. As I said in my first review of the series (and I think I'm missing some middle graphic novel), there really is nothing Mystique is assigned to do that the Professor couldn't do better, such as finding out if a skincare company is testing products on mutants like they were rabbits, but when Mystique is enlisted to assassinate the Professor, well, maybe she is the right person for the job. There're definitely interesting twists and turns to the story, which is why I felt it has potential, but at the same time it never gets particularly deep with its characters--seeing that it focuses really on a single character, there's plenty of opportunity to do so (and don't tell me her scenes with Shepard count, much better to have focused on Shortpack (what's it like to be an isolated mutant only a few inches tall? that must be very lonely)). mystique