Ms. Marvel (vol 1-3): No Normal & Generation Why & Crushed - G. Willow Wilson

Remember yesterday I said: "All I want for Christmas as a young adult oriented comic revolving around strong female characters. This title is not it."? Well this title isn't it either. The big to do about this comic is that the teenage girl, who develops strange bendy powers because she is really an Inhuman, is Muslim. Okay, that might've been interesting twist. You know what else might of been an interesting twist? Writing a good comic that actually had characters in it, an exciting plot, and maybe some dramatic interaction. Just about every character is absolutely superficial (you're my best friend, now that I said that, you don't need to be in the series for a couple of issues, and when we do see you again you'll have nothing to say), and while the art by Adrian Alphona can be quite fun I'm not sure if that's the proper tone for a comic that's trying to be "important" (to be fair claims it's important but they're absolutely wrong). I guess I just don't understand what they're trying to do with this comic. Isn't it hard enough for the typical comic industry to produce an interesting comic about a woman or a Muslim, so you are going to take it upon yourself to do both? So you can fail twice as fast? By the way, Ms is not an abbreviation, it's a feminist terminology to counter the all or nothing distinction between Miss and Mrs. (notice that the last one is an abbreviation which is why it ends with a "."). And if you're going to use Ms. Marvel, why not just give her the same powers? This mix of Mr. Fantastic with Pym particles is rather annoying. And perhaps you would've been better off with an established villain to at least ground the comic (so you could've avoided what you're forced to do in volume 2, which is throw in the guest stars). And the whole plot line of kids being brainwashed and then immediately un-brainwashed and empowered just read as completely pandering to what some old guys believe a YA audience wants to hear. Another disappointment. ms marvel  

Ok, update, the library had the 3rd volume and I figured: "just once more". Honestly, it wasn't bad (wasn't great either, but...) as I found there was more attempt at humor even if a big plot-line was unrequited love and crushes that go terribly wrong--hey, it's a book about teens, I get that this needs to be part of it, even if I think it wasn't a great job. Despite my above mentioned problems, there may still be hope for the comic (maybe). ms marvel