Gotham Academy (vol 1): Welcome to Gotham Academy - Becky Cloonan & Brenden Fletcher

All I want for Christmas as a young adult oriented comic revolving around strong female characters. This title is not it. With manga style art we are introduced to Hogwarts--sorry--Gotham Academy, a mysterious school with a mysterious past and mysterious going ons and a mysterious part of the grounds the students must mysteriously keep away from. Olive is our main character and she's suffering from some amnesia from events over the summer and so she doesn't want to talk to her boyfriend, and there's this rich girl who's mean to her, and her boyfriend's little sister is hanging on to her too much, and there's this mysterious gorgeous boy who reads classic literature, and a wild pseudo-criminal guy--really, the cast of characters seems like a mixed gender boy-band, yet there is really nothing to this story. We know nothing about the boyfriend character except that he's understanding, gorgeous, and a tennis pro; his sister seems to have no friends, yet apparently plays a Dungeons & Dragons-like game nonstop (with whom?); the rich girl secretly is nice (because they all are); the brooding boy is right out of a Gothic novel; oh I could go on, but why bother? This is just not a very good comic and don't understand why I should care about the mystery or the characters involved. gotham academy