The Salon - Nick Bertozzi

It is the beginning of the 1900s in Paris, and someone is decapitating avant-garde artists, so just such a group must ban together to save their own necks, uncover the mystery, and stop these deplorable crimes, while still getting totally drunk and creating the foundations of modern art. Trust me, that sounds more interesting than this really is. Part of the problem is I don't know much of about half the artists that make up the characters in this supernatural story (and by the way, while using historical characters can be clever, it is rather unfair to the reader who may not know much about them, and it's pretty cheap of the writer who does nothing to help illuminate the characters, but instead relies on the reader's knowledge to make up for characterization). The art was somewhat interesting, and the different colorizations were hit and miss, and while I don't know if it's true that Georges Braque was really the brains behind Picasso's Cubism (what's the matter Picasso? Feeling insulted? Oh, are you going to have another blue period?) I like to believe it is because everything I hear about Picasso makes me think he was a dick. The end result was I didn't care much for this comic, although I could easily see others liking it--like the four people who wrote blurbs praising the story, who were also conveniently thanked in the acknowledgment page (perhaps some quid pro quo?). salon