The Sculptor - Scott McCloud

I'm not exactly sure how to formulate this review. It certainly was a long work, one of the longest single graphic novels ever. And I did enjoy the art, with its blue coloring. And the theme was interesting: the idea of literally living for art, as a main character makes a deal to have the magical ability to sculpt whatever he can imagine under the condition that he will die in two hundred days (or less if he jumps off a cliff or something). And there're certainly poignant moments, as he falls love and deals with the various vicissitudes of love and friendship. And there are some interesting statements about the fickleness of the art world. However, if you ask me: "Did you enjoy this work?" I can't say "Yes." It definitely wasn't bad, and I just mentioned a lot of positives, but for the length of the work, there should've been much more depth of character: our main character seems rather ridiculously adolescent, and while our love interest does develop depth, she starts out as this pathetic caricature that exists only to be the spritely charmer that picks up our hero from the doldrums. 50 pages should've been cut from this, forcing McCloud to tighten up his storytelling, and, quite frankly, illustrate personality and plot through pictures and dialogue rather than simply telling us what is. In many respects this is impressive, but in many more it falls short. sculptor