Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller vol 2

I jumped to reading this Daredevil collection written and drawn by the once not crazy Miller after only a few pages of the first volume since it was so painfully filled with tropes I thought I would vomit. This one is much better as it has significantly less and it introduces Miller's Elektra character and the storyline involving her ties to the blind vigilante, Daredevil, the ruthless mob leader, The Kingpin, and the sociopath killer, Bullseye. I like how the work for hire that Miller did (thus giving him no rights to it) is called visionary, since Marvel comics doesn't seem to have any vision these past decades, nor do they seem interested in having any. The other ironic thing is that the Elektra storyline is not very long and not all that great. Ok, it's a ninja chick, which is pretty hot, but literary within seconds of meeting her, Daredevil reveals all his secrets for no reason, and  isn't it shocking that someone named Elektra would be obsessed with her father? Sadly, the comic, for all its value at the time, doesn't hold up well with the passage of time.