Onslaught: Unleashed - Sean McKeever

I haven't read much of McKeever's works, but what I have I've greatly enjoyed, therefore I assumed I would like this as well. Boy was I wrong. Admittedly, I had no idea who Onslaught was (apparently some bullshit with Prof. X and Magneto merging into one superpowered evil mutant; there's some info in the back of the book, but I don't want to have to read the book, to realize there's information I needed for the beginning of the book), but when you toss a dozen characters together you really can't give any of them much depth, and the plot was simply throw everything at the bad guy and when that doesn't work do it again. There were individual scenes that appeared to end abruptly, as if some of the writing was edited out, which just indicated to me that the whole thing needed to be heavily edited again. Filipe Andrade's art was interesting, but his elongated, angular style will not be for everyone. Bottom line: this was sadly disappointing with no real purpose or meaning in the Marvel universe. onslaught