X-Factor: Happenings in Vegas - Peter David

I used to love Peter David's writing and saw this as an opportunity to see what was going on in the world of mutants. The main story line had promise, wherein the mutant investigators get involved in some Norse god shenanigans that eventually takes them to Las Vegas, and there's even a side story of interest where a soldier suffering from post-traumatic stress turns out to be suffering from something else entirely. However, everything else about this comic was pretty awful. There's easily a dozen characters who I know nothing about (in terms of powers, personalities, background, motivations, etc. (and some of the characters I even know, so go figure)) even after reading the collection, lots of plot threads that made me feel completely lost and without motivation to try to find out what was going on, there were a few jokes none of which were funny in the slightest, and the art was so typically everyone is beautiful and all the women have ridiculously impossible bodies that I was simply bored and couldn't wait to be done. What a disappointment. X-Factor