Kolchak Tales: Monsters Among us!

I only saw maybe a half dozen of the original show, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, or as I called it: The Cheese Stalker as it was so silly only seeing them years after the X-Files, which was inspired by it (I can only imagine how much more dated it is now). But the show was inspirational for its time, recounting the tales of a reporter who always stumbles upon supernatural happenings that he never can get published, so I'm glad to see it back, albeit in comic book form. This collection of two stories about a zombie attack and a monster sighting and the truth behind it, by Christopher Mills and David Michelinie, respectively, aren't exactly great, but they do capture some of the zaniness of the show and were a lot of fun (I especially liked how Mills has Kolchak dictating his report  into a recorder on a plane full of people who slowly get wrapped up and horrified by his tale). I'd like to see more. Kolchak