Iron Man: Industrial Revolution - Fred Van Lente

I really wanted to like this comic, but let's just examine it--note there are spoilers here, but I really don't think you're missing anything: The brilliant inventor of the Iron Man robot armor has been outmaneuvered and thrown out of his company by a rival, and his superhero friends don't want to give him any money because he won't accept charity (fast forward to when they both given charity (in the form of "investment") and help him out of a scrap; I'm not sure what the difference is). While living on the streets (because no one is eagerly trying to hire one of the most brilliant people on the planet) he makes friends with the lower classes (i.e., brown people, how's that for turning cultural diversity into racism?), but runs afoul--completely unknowingly--of a crime syndicate known as The Pride (If you don't know the Runaways comic this is largely meaningless; next time give some background so it's not a 100% inside joke.). If the comic had strictly focused on the hijinks between an Iron Man trying to pull himself up by his bootstraps and The Pride trying to foil the "plans" he has for them, this could've been a hilarious and really fun comic; instead, it turns into this whole we can save the community by reopening the factory here (wasn't that the plot to Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo?). Additionally, the portrayal of the Japanese seemed a little racist to me--I could be oversensitive--and I found it irritating that the school teacher love interest is given the job to run a company implying that she's only a teacher due to lack of opportunity, and not because it is a wonderful and worthwhile career. It also has a very disturbing ending wherein a mentally ill man chooses a life on the street rather than take his medicine. Industrial Revolution