The Extinction Parade (vol 1) - Max Brooks

Did I tell you I loved World War Z (the book that is)? I did and that's why I like to give Brooks' work a chance when I find it. but I was disappointed with this comic book about vampires in Southeast Asia that blithely ignore a rising zombie epidemic. Raulo Caceres' art is both too sexualized and gory to do much of anything for me, the writing is abundant for lack of a better word, as Brooks does not yet have a handle on the comic book medium, and his effort at multiculturalism (his Malaysian setting and term dropping) just doesn't ring true to me. The plot itself is straightforward and can be seen practically from space to all but the characters (which is understandable, except that if you have a character who does see the problem coming, shouldn't he at least not be actively part of the problem?). The end result is that I'm obviously disappointed, the series appears to be inspired from what I think was the last episode of Deadliest Warriors (I like that show) and it takes this five issue collection to set up the premise of this series without actually providing any interesting characters. Extinction parade