Berest Dance Center: The May Showcase

As some of you may know, I've been going to these for several years to see my nieces perform various dances. Typical of me, I think their work is flawless, and am highly critical of everyone else (except little kids, whose effort I think is adorable). So to avoid the typical let me state an observation I discovered, and that is European dance is horrible. I realize this is blasphemy but I can't stand watching ballet, which I'm convinced is merely designed to put people in the most awkward poses possible and see how long they can hold them. Nothing seems less like a swan to me than someone dancing Swan Lake. African inspired dance, however, is awesome. It is all about movement and imitation of nature and animals. Jumping, running, and swaying is just a delight to watch, as opposed to a stiff as a board woman standing on her tip toes.