Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I decided enough time has passed that I could see the Potter movies and try to enjoy them on their own, as opposed to in relation to the books. I figure I'd start from the 3rd installment as that's when I recall Hollywood making the effort to make them good, and it's also when I stoped seeing them in the theater. In this film the boy wizard's life is in danger as the only man to ever escape from the dreaded prison of Azkaban is gunning to kill Harry. This is also--in my opinion--when the story starts to take a darker turn. Horrific ghost creatures who suck the joy from you and a more tangled web of the larger plot begins. As I mentioned once before on this site, I am concerned that kids will watch or read the now completed series in succession as opposed to every year of two as they came out. In the latter case, kids will age with the book and be better prepared for the darker events. In any event, this was a fun movie, certainly no worse than most made, but really only enjoyable for those who are interested in the Potter adventures.