Lenore: Pink Bellies - Roman Dirge

It is long past time there was another Lenore comic, and while I'm furious about the delay, Pink Bellies is absolutely hysterical. If you haven't read any of these comics before this may not be the best collection to pick it up, but with its delightfully silly art--coupled with images that show just how talented Dirge actually is as an artist--wonderfully colored, and just nonstop hilarity in terms of an insane action adventure romp, fighting super-soldiers and ancient gods, it is hard to beat. Lenore is about a little dead girl, roughly based on the poem on by Edgar Allan Poe, who is more than a little nuts, and a collection of friends--for lack of better word--that don't so much go on adventures but deal with nonsense that tends to happen to them, not that they're completely innocent of these happenings. I realize I keep using terms akin to hilarious and insane to describe this comic, but I think you will find them very apt.