Iron Man and Captain America: Heroes United

Or should it be Heroes United: Iron Man...? Anyway, it seems that Marvel is making a series of poorly computer animated, straight to video (is that even the expression any more?), films (is that even the expression any more?). This one takes our title characters and pits them against (besides each other (which is a staple of Marvel)) the Nazi/Hydra leader Red Skull and Taskmaster (who can copy anyone's combat moves). I do like that these films seem to include some lesser known characters--although Taskmaster is the main, behind the scenes, villain in the cartoon Ultimate Spider-Man, so maybe he has risen to B lister. The obvious problem is that these low budget movies are sort of thrown together in, I suspect, a day, at least the writing seems to suggest that, which mean that the movie just isn't very good, but, again, with a low budget, I'm sure no one in the industry cares. I do like that Drs Fump and Cruler seem to be comic repeat characters for this series.