An Evening of Not So Quiet Despair with Satan - Satan

Ostensibly written and performed by Satan himself, I know this is really the self-declared “crazy white mother f*cker” or as I know him, Nick. The not quite one man show took place in the little theater I haven't been to in probably a decade and it is nice to see that it is still around. Nick goes all out dressing the part and performing funny, interesting, self-deprecating (well, for Satan) tales about how the so-called Prince of Darkness is at best, or is it at worst?, just a patsy for the big guy, but just happens to have been around to have seen it all. I enjoyed the performance, and would have even if I didn’t know the actor/writer, but that is not to say there isn't room for improvement. The play tends to fluctuate between reasoned historical reimaginings and angry rants (the first being the most enjoyable for me). As for the latter, while this seems to make perfect sense considering the subject matter, in terms of plays it eliminates the slow buildup to a crescendo of purpose. Let me try to make sense of that: the play starts out with plenty of cursing and shouting. Now that's fine, but the question is where to go from there. More cursing and more shouting? Better to build up to a specific point. Nick attempts to do this by having an uninvited guest appear towards the end. While clever, the unintentional effect is that the guest acts as a sort of confirmation (or denial?) of what has been said throughout the show. Up until this point we had to take the words of Satan on, well, faith. Which is much more fun and appropriate. As far as I know this is Nick's first play, so there's plenty of time and room for improvement and I hardly look forward to his next one. Catch this while you can by checking here.