Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I really enjoyed this film that takes the super soldier, Captain America, and former KGB-current SHIELD agent, the Black Widow, throws in a little super-spy Nick Fury and introduces the high flying Falcon (who was always one of my favorite superheroes growing up) and pits them against the nefarious plans of HYDRA and a mysterious kick-ass assassin (guess what he's called). The film is largely a merger of comic stories from Ed Brubaker and Jonathan Hickman (although I didn't see their names in the credits) and maybe that helped me follow everything--I can't say if others might miss out on some plot and ideas, but the main things I liked about the film was a streamlined--but not un-complex--story/cast of characters and plenty of very good action scenes that makes me wish I'd seen it on the big screen. Then again, maybe I just was thrilled to see Batroc (the Leaper!!). Seriously, I thought it was a well done film and rather surprised I haven't heard that much about it (as opposed to Guardians or Iron Man).