This cable show is about Claire, a married British nurse who, after WWII, is transported in time to 1743, while visiting Scotland. So this is very much a live action romance novel. In the first episode her husband casually mentioned that if she did cheat on him during the war it was ok because they were worlds away, so that's the hint that she's going to hook up with the young stud from the past (presumably, I've only seen a couple of episodes). While I love the idea of Scots trying to kill the English and the scenery is beautiful, the plot is always the same as Claire thinks X about the people/time, which is bad, only to realize that it is Y, which is good, and there is horrible monotone narration of her thoughts that sound like they just handed her the novel to read from without any prep. PS After Scotland voted "no" on independence, I'm pretty sick of any story that whines about how hard the Scots had it under English rule.