The Punisher (vol 7): Man of Stone - Garth Ennis

The Punisher goes to Afghanistan for no real reason and is hunted by a Soviet war criminal general for no real reason. In the center of it all is a crazy, corrupt, ex-CIA guy and his crazy ex-wife (both from prior collections). The thing that's getting to me is this: why? In Marvel's world, the heroes are 5-10 years from their inciting incident, but the vigilante, Castle, has been killing criminals for 30--which makes him easily in his 50s. Yet reading Ennis's collections I do not get any true motive. His family is long dead, and he's killed their killers, and killed several thousand other killers (and The Avengers are where?), but he does not seem to care about people at all. The whole "I don't want to get close to anyone again because I'm too big a baby to risk getting hurt again" just doesn't hold. This title needs to be more than violence.