This film portrays the second term of Lincoln's presidency. Moving and telling, but may disappoint some as it is slow moving and focuses on the politics that Lincoln had to deal with and his lawyer-trained mind grappling with varied machinations. We tend to think that everyone loved Lincoln and things just went his way, but within his party and from without he was attacked politically (PS modern Republicans have NOTHING to do with Lincoln's Republicans so stop lying about it). There are even some rather humorous scenes over how various congressmen are convinced/bribed to vote with the President. One thing I would have liked to see (or rather hear), even if I know that it couldn't work, is the fact that Lincoln was reported to have a horrible speaking voice (very high pitched)--I suspect that is why he kept speeches short and maybe people would give in to his arguments just to stop listening to him. I liked it as a great historical piece with good acting and visuals, but I hesitate to recommend it to the non-hardcore history fans.