The Annihilation event: Nova: Knowhere - Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning

Ok, I lied. I'm not going to finish writing about the entirety of the Annihilation saga for several reasons: It was actually only 3 books and then it just turned into referencing the event, what started as several writers turned into just the works of  Abnett and Lanning, and finally I just don't care about the characters and plot anymore. The whole Borg, sorry, Phalanx story isn't doing anything for me. Listen, you're dealing with a plague that is effecting a dick race in a different galaxy and involving characters most people wrote out of the Marvel universe because no one cared about them. How did you think this was a great idea? Honestly, I have a hard enough time caring about events on this planet that aren't going to influence my life, so in the comic world.... You really need to make it more compelling or exciting. This specific tale starts out all right as Nova is in a giant robot head at the end of the universe and has to team up with a Russian telepathic dog to fight some unknown force. See, that can sell me. But as soon as it's back to fighting the Phalanx I fall asleep. If the rest of the Annihilation event stories are any good, please let me know and maybe I'll try again, but there are 4 more and I just don't have the energy.