Age of Ultron - Brian Michael Bendis

I really just assumed I would hate this series, to the point that I wasn't even sure why I read it, but the truth is I did enjoy this. No, don't think the book is any good: the plot about the robot, Ultron, destroying the world is meaningless (what? You thought the Marvel Universe would end with this comic?), there isn't much in terms of character development, and the writing isn't anything special--but thank goodness the typical Bendis pages of monologues are missing, and yet there was something simply fun about an end of the world story. More to the point, I really believe--and this is something I never seem to say--that the book should be longer. If the book was twice the length, Bendis could have added some stories about how various characters dealt with the end of the world and being hunted by Ultron (because scenes with Ultron are actually very few), which would at least make for interesting story arcs even if they would eventually mean nothing. Maybe hearing about how crappy this series was helped me actually not hate it. PS Bendis, certain characters with healing powers can't be killed by being stabbed, just for the record.