The Annihilation event: Annihilation: Conquest Book One

Picking up slightly before the Nova book ends, the reader is presented with a Dirty Dozen/Suicide Squad set up in order to free the Kree from a mechanical infection. The focus is on the former superhero Star-Lord, present day normal human Peter Quill, who was instrumental in helping to resist Annihilus, but is suffering horrible guilt over his time as a superhero, which his war experience apparently wasn't enough to errase. His team is made up of some of the dumbest characters you have totally forgotten about if you even ever heard of them and they are made awesome! Unfortunately, there is also a section about Quasar/Captain Marvel and her girlfriend Moondragon and something about going to see Yoda and train to avoid the dark side of the force...ok maybe not exactly, although I was too bored to figure out what was actually happening, and when Quasar is fighting the Amazo rip-off and riding a dragon into battle to find Kree Jesus--whatever.