Jane, the Fox & Me - Fanny Britt & Isabelle Arsenault

In many respects this, originally French, book is a charming tale about a young, lonely girl who is dealing with typical problems of being ostracized at school and thinking she is fat. To escape she reads Jane Eyre and images her life as different. Not to give much away, but things change for the better, and that is where my problem comes from with this children's story. Helene's--the young girl--life takes a turn for the better with the introduction of a new friend. While this is fine, the message the book seems to relay is that your life can become better if you have a friend. No doubt this is true, but the end result is that the way to beat depression and loneliness is to be lucky enough to have someone just show up in your life and be your best buddy. There is no impression in the story to suggest that an individual can take control and do an action to make themselves feel better about life. In other words, a person is helpless without the miraculous intervention of someone who is happy-go-lucky. Being that I have three nieces, I am actually quite appalled with the just hang on and hope, passive attitude it suggests. Still, the art is lovely, I'm just somewhat shocked that the disappointing message seems to have gone under the radar.