The Annihilation event: Nova (vol 1): Annihilation - Conquest

More on the aftermath of the Annihilation Wave (and it will get to the point that we will have more for the after than the during, which is disappointing). The last surviver of the galactic police force tries to deal with picking up the pieces and getting back to policing, but he is one and the backlog of problems that were ignored during wartime are many. Having a bit of a breakdown, Nova goes back to Earth only to learn that petty squabbles are all that occupies people (ie The Civil War). This is a rather good story dealing with PTS and the reality that once you have seen terrible things you have a very difficult time deling with the stupidity that others feel are important. This is also a fun dig at the fact that Marvel does some very stupid things that they pretend are important. Sadly, the second part isn't very interesting to me as--for all practical purposes--the Borg are taking over the Kree and want Nova too. I couldn't get into it. PS If a character has a scar--especially if you talk about it in the comic--be sure to draw it